At Metrolina Dermatology and Skin Surgery Specialists, we are committed to providing our patients with high quality aesthetic services and medical grade skin care products. Schedule a free consultation with our highly qualified experienced aesthetician to discuss various non-surgical treatment options to get your skin looking and feeling its best. Our aesthetician will answer all of your skin care questions and work with you to develop a home treatment plan specifically designed to meet your unique skin care needs.

Medical Facial

Using medical grade products and equipment, this facial is customized for your skin needs and can include microdermabrasion, chemical peel or enzyme, or extractions if needed.  With continued treatment, this facial can improve sun damage, discoloration, skin texture, breakouts and signs of aging.

Skin Care Services- from your south Charlotte Dermatologist


This treatment is designed to smooth and soften the skin. Using a patented diamond tipped facial wand to exfoliate every curve of your face, this treatment offers a safe way to clear away dead cells and surface imperfections, promote the growth of collagen and reveal a healthier, more luminous complexion.

Hydrodermabrasion with Hydro Skin Rejuvenation

Utilizing a non-invasive exfoliation and serum delivery system, this treatment uses a potent combination of diamonds and powerful serums to treat your skin and restore its optimal health. Depending on your skincare needs, you may receive a dose of multi-vitamins, targeted serums or a deeply hydrating moisturizer to address your specific skin issues. Because the exfoliation prepared your skin to readily absorb the treatments, they will penetrate more deeply and their effectiveness will be enhanced.

Chemical Peels

Effective for acne, sunspots, and dullness, our medical grade compounded peels are tailored to your specific needs to achieve brighter, more even, glowing skin. Chemical peels work by inducing accelerated exfoliation or causing a controlled injury to the top layers of the skin.  The resulting healing process induces deposition of collagen, thickening of the skin, and repair of sun-damaged skin.


We offer the following in Cosmetic Dermatology:

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