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Dr. Sasha Haberle

Sasha Jenkins Haberle, MD, MPH is a Board-Certified Dermatologist, and Fellowship-Trained Mohs Surgeon.  Read more about Dr. Haberle and Metrolina Dermatology here.

We specialize in Mohs Micrographic Surgery

Mohs micrographic surgery was first developed in the 1930s by Wisconsin surgeon Dr. Frederic Mohs. This tissue sparing technique is the gold standard in treating many skin cancers as it has both a high cure rate and lower risk of complications and disfiguring scars. This technique is best used for areas where tissue conservation is a priority, such as the face, scalp, ears, nose, genitals, hands and feet. Mohs micrographic surgery can also be used for larger or ill-defined tumors, recurrent tumors, rapidly growing tumors, or tumors that arise in scars.
Dr. Sasha Haberle is both a Board-Certified Dermatologist and Fellowship Trained Mohs surgeon in South Charlotte. Schedule your consultation or skin check today by calling Metrolina Dermatology and Skin Surgery Specialists.

Skin Cancer Screening

Have you had your skin checked recently by board-certified dermatologist? One in five adults will be diagnosed with skin cancer at some point in his or her life. Most skin cancers are not life threatening, but they can locally invade causing functional or cosmetic deformity. Prevention and early diagnosis is the best way to limit long term consequences from skin cancers. Call today to make an appointment with Dr. Sasha Haberle by calling Metrolina Dermatology and Skin Surgery Specialists, your dermatologist located in South Charlotte.

Welcome to Metrolina Dermatology and Skin Surgery Specialists

Metrolina Dermatology and Skin Surgery Specialists provides expert and comprehensive evidence-based dermatologic care in a professional and caring environment in South Charlotte. Our goal is to offer customized care for your specific needs using state of the art techniques. We take pride in our knowledgeable and courteous staff. Dr. Haberle is a Board-Certified Dermatologist, as well as a Fellowship-Trained Mohs Surgeon. She specializes in full-service dermatology, including medical, surgical, cosmetic and mohs micrographic surgery. We feel honored to treat patients of all ages and skin conditions. We realize that you have a choice in dermatology providers, and we strive to treat every patient as if you were a family member. Contact us to schedule your consultation or skin check today, or click the button below to book an appointment.

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