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Kybella- Before and After photos

What is Kybella?

Kybella is a breakthrough treatment that can help minimize or even entirely eliminate the appearance of a double chin in adults. Kybella is the first and only injectable treatment approved by the FDA specifically for the reduction of submental fullness, or the appearance of fat under the chin.

Kybellacan be administered in a dermatologist’s office, usually in a series of visits spaced approximately one month apart. The treatment provider will topically numb the area and then administer the Kybella in a series of small injections directly into the fat underneath the chin. The entire procedure may take 20-30 minutes to complete.

How does Kybella work?

The active ingredient in Kybella, deoxycholic acid, is a synthetic form of a naturally occurring substance in the body. Natural deoxycholic acid aids in the breakdown and absorption of dietary fat. When injected into the chin area, the deoxycholic acid disrupts the fat cells that are accumulated there. The cells are destroyed so that they can no longer store or accumulate fat. This results in a permanent reduction in the appearance of fullness under the chin.

The number of treatments that you require with Kybella will be determined with your treatment provider. The course of treatment may vary depending on your specific circumstance. Most patients receive Kybella in six treatments.

What results can I expect with Kybella?

After you have a treatment with Kybella, you may notice some soreness, swelling, or bruising in the treatment area. This generally resolves quickly. You are not likely to require downtime after completing a Kybella treatment.

The results of your Kybella treatment will develop gradually over the course of treatment, with the full results becoming noticeable within a few weeks after your last treatment. Kybella is permanent, meaning that you will not need to have maintenance treatments and you should not expect to see your results erode over time.

Most patients reported that Kybella treatment gave them a smoother, more defined profile. It can help the face appear younger, slimmer, and more attractive.

Where can I get Kybella in the Charlotte NC area?

Are you ready to say goodbye to your double chin? If you are interested in Kybella treatments, you will want to get them from a foremost expert in cosmetic dermatology. If you live in the Charlotte NC area, consider seeking your treatment from the experienced team at Metrolina Dermatology. South Charlotte dermatologist and Fellowship trained Mohs surgeon Dr. Haberleis recognized as an expert in all areas of dermatology, including cosmetic, medical, and treatments.

The expert and helpful staff at Metrolina Dermatology can help you decide if treatments with Kybella are right for you. Contact the team at Metrolina Dermatology today to schedule your initial consultation.